Data Processing

Azure provides high-quality data processing services to its clients. We can handle any kind of data processing requirement with data in any form and from any source, ad-hoc or large tracking studies, single country or multi-country.

We have an in house team with over 500,000 hours of programming experience. We have an expertise in tools such as SPSS, Quantum and WinCross etc and we can handle raw, aggregated data & complex weighting techniques.

Our offerings include:

Data Cleaning

Our experienced team look at data from every angle to ensure that data is clean and ready for analysis. We do a series of quality checks that include survey logic, speedsters, straight liners, de-duplication, trap checks and other custom checks to ensure that the outcome is high-quality data.

Data Tabulation

We specialize in delivering high-quality tabs in multiple formats like Pdf, Excel, Word and other custom formats. Our experience ensures faster and better results.

Azure’s coding team has 7+ years of extensive experience in converting unstructured open-ended survey data into meaningful information. We have expertise in working on multi country projects and have handled numerous projects such as trackers, concept tests etc.

We have expertise in Ascribe, SPSS, and Excel and handled open end data from various industries such as Healthcare, Financial, IT & Telecom, Retail etc.

We believe in providing intelligent delivery of open ended codes and coded data & work with your team to mutually agree on defining the code frames so that the expectations are met at the outset.

Data Tabulation and Reporting for a Management Consulting firm


A US based management consulting firm required support on tabulating and reporting data from a large online consumer survey being fielded across North America

Client Requirements
  • The client was fielding an online survey to collect data on consumer opinions about multiple vehicles across different segments – Sedans/Sports/SUV/Pick-up etc.
  • Post data collection, the client-provided the following inputs – final questionnaire, survey data in SPSS, table/banner specs., weighting memo and a PowerPoint report template
  • The client required assistance with data cleaning, weighting, tabulation and reporting
Azure Solution
  • A three-member ‘on-demand’ team with expertise in data processing in WinCross/Quantum/SPSS and experience with PowerPoint was staffed on the project.
  • The team verified the client provided data files generated tabulations and represented selected tables in PowerPoint using instructions provided by the client.
Questionnaire adaptation includes adding description and instructions for interviewers to ensure questions are not misinterpreted.
Changes to the structure of questions (if required) are made to address cultural and regional sensitivities. Localization – a value addition that we see is inherently integrated rather than disparate.
Questionnaire adaptation in terms of modifying screeners to filter out professional/gaming respondents.
Addition of logical checks to terminate undesired response and data.
Quality measures like time stamps to screen out speedsters, straight-lines and their like.
Supplying data records in desired formats (e.g SPSS, ASCII).
Bespoke in-house solutions for improvising questionnaires and sample management as per client requirement.
Very competitive programming, hosting and project management costs.
Minimum 50% back check provided by Azure’s quality team.
Azure’s quality team conducts random and surprise fieldwork audit/checks to ensure that project is conducted efficiently and authentically.