Our Brand Expertise

Our Brand Expertise

Azure offers Brands an array of services designed to help them leverage the competitive power of data to hone their products and strategies, enhance their customer and competitor knowledge, and deliver richer data experiences.

As global competition increases in a web-enabled world, new opportunities continually develop for Brands ready and equipped with the best tools. If you’re looking to data as a competitive tool, Azure should be your data partner.

Your Global Market Data Partner

Many larger enterprises and regional or international brands, particularly those in the eCommerce space, are now designing and executing their own strategic research projects. Once your research project is envisioned, designed and approved, the next step is to define your targets and the best way to reach them. As any firm that has tried this can attest, it’s simply too costly, too time consuming, and too challenging to attempt accurate data collection—local or distant—employing in-house resources.

Azure can bring your in-house research team a virtual core competency in data collection, management and processing. We know the markets we cover and can recommend the best approach to suit the local and cultural realities linked to international fieldwork.

Leverage Data For Competitive Advantage

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Azure Digital Experiences

for Greater Customer Engagement

DigiWalks Digital

DigiWalks provides online users and shoppers the experience of a 3D digital walkthrough of any physical setting – store, restaurant, hotel, etc. — with dynamic images and 360-degree views using proprietary technology coupled with high quality information capture of the visitor’s experience.

The next, advanced version of DigiWalks, with eye-tracking and facial/emotional response recognition will soon be launching in North America and Europe. This breakthrough tool will be used to interpret and quantify the feelings and emotions of respondents during an advertisement or consideration/purchase experience.