Data Visualization

Charting and Visualizing Data

Azure has a dedicated team of professionals with research backgrounds who focus exclusively on your data visualization requirements. We can design, build and populate reports with your data or work with your existing template. Our experts understand the importance of data visualization and ensure that your data is accurately represented.


We are experts in providing real time reports to our clients. We can deliver custom report design and implementation such as:

  • Executive Dashboards
  • Scorecards
  • Smart Interfaces
  • Time series data
  • Basic analysis
  • Presentation with narratives
  • Full drill-down
  • PowerPoint, Excel & Word reports

Azure employs a ‘three-layer’ check to ensure that all reports are accurate, comprehensible and compliant with client instructions.

Layer 1

The first quality layer consists of well-defined reporting and best practices. Every Azure analyst is trained to conduct a thorough quality review of their work before moving it to the next level.

Layer 2

The second quality layer involves a peer review or review by a senior analyst to ensure visual screening from a second perspective to spot errors or inconsistencies between the report and client instructions.

Layer 3

The third and final layer includes a project manager review which involves random, back-of-the-envelope checks to spot any logical inconsistencies in the reports.

PowerPoint Reporting for a Management Consulting firm


A US based management consulting firm required support on creating recurring PowerPoint reports for a large multi-country IT survey

Client Requirements

The client conducted a quarterly survey to collect data on different operating systems being used by businesses in North America and Europe. It was a multi-country project with identical questionnaires being implemented in each region. Each quarter, the client was required to produce separate reports for each country that included findings from the current quarter as well as comparison with the previous quarter. The client required assistance with creating recurring quarterly reports in PowerPoint after they shared the first ‘sample report’ for every quarter

Azure Solution
  • A dedicated team of reporting analysts was set-up to review every quarterly sample report and then replicate it across countries. The team used data tables provided by the client to create ~2,000 PowerPoint slides every quarter.
  • Final deliverables included PowerPoint reports for each country with data represented using visual standards specified by the client, slide commentary, section summaries and an executive summary that mimicked the writing style used in the ‘sample report’ by the client analyst.