Panel access, targeting, and response validation are among the most important aspects of successful market research.

Azure’s proprietary global panel platform, PanelogyTM was created to ensure consistent panel quality across wide and highly-granular (psychographic, behavioral, demographic and geographic) panel targets.

With Panelogy, panel participants are fully engaged with speedier straight-line answer patterns. And most importantly, Panelogy quality gates, including digital fingerprinting, Geo IP protection, double opt-out verification, consistency checks, and proxy and browser detection virtually eliminate spurious results.

B2B Professionals & C-Suite

Azure’s business-to-business (B2B) panel comprises of a variety of business decision makers including C-level, IT respondents, Department Heads, Finance, Marketing, Automotive decision makers and others. Our B2B community can be contacted online or by telephone making it convenient for all types of projects: quantitative and qualitative.

Healthcare Services

Azure’s Healthcare panel provides access to more than 300,000+ qualified physicians and other healthcare professionals globally. Our healthcare community makes it easy to reach most medical specialties and sub‐specialties as well as nurses, lab managers, dentists and many others. Also included in our Healthcare Services community are 600,000+ regularly profiled patients and caregivers.

Other Available High Interest Panels

(Partial List)

  • High Net Worth Individuals
  • Sports Enthusiasts
  • Mobile Phone Owners
  • Mothers and Mothers-to-be
  • Frequent Travelers
  • Automobile Purchasers and Drivers
Where Our Respondents Come From
Proprietary Panels & Lists
Phone Recruitment
Affiliate Marketing
Social Networks
E-mail Campaigns
Online Advertising
Targeted Publishers
Databases & Portals
Direct Recruitment
API Integration
3rd Party Recruitment
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