Survey Programming

Azure team has more than a decade of programming experience and have scripted 1400+ market research studies covering 45+ languages across multiple industry leading platforms. We have expertise on the following platforms with hosting facility:

  • Confirmit
  • Dimensions
  • Kinesis
  • Qualtrics
  • Microsoft

These cross-platform capabilities allow us to handle complex questionnaires with ease, creating engaging surveys for clients across multiple sectors. An overview of the typical survey specifications we work with is provided below:

Survey Logic
  • Question/option triggers
  • Question/attribute randomization
  • Complex skip patterns
  • DCM (Maxdiff/Conjoint)
  • Nested loops
Question Types
  • Constant sum
  • Ranking
  • Percentage calculation
  • Standard types – single select, multi select, numeric, grids, open text and text list
Visual Representation
  • Numeric and grid sliders
  • Normal, multi, split and 3D grids
  • Pop-up’s
  • Mouse over text
  • Concept highlighting
  • Custom layouts
Survey Experience
  • Dynamic colored sliders and grids
  • Multimedia content (videos, images, icons)
  • Flash, HTML and Java scripting
  • Progress bar to indicate position in survey
  • Save and continue functionality
  • Custom templates and appearance
Survey Administration
  • Multi-lingual support (translation/scripting)
  • Access control (login/passwords)
  • Unique id’s for respondent level tracking
  • Complex quota management and real-time status reporting
  • Multi-format data download

Azure partners with leading translation firms around the world to translate the survey into the appropriate language. This is one of the most crucial aspects of multi country research

Azure employs QC measures that include three-level visual screening, review against Azure’s 50 item checklist for layout, data and quota checks, custom guidelines developed for every client and comprehensive in-field checks. Our QC processes include robust ‘pre-field’ checks as well as ongoing ‘in-field’ review.

Pre-field Checks

Visual Screening
  • 3-level screening
  • Script QC at programmer level
  • Comprehensive QC at tester level – layout, logic, quotas and data
  • Final QC by project managerg
  • Comparison against client standards
  • QC by question type (single/multi etc.)
  • Validation, masking conditions and logic
  • Formatting and layout
  • Data capture checked using RDG and test databases
  • Specific focus on rotating answer lists, hidden fields, moved or added questions
  • Data export check
  • Data capture for hidden fields
  • Implementation with quota stops
  • Open quota and quota increments
  • Survey terminate logic for full quotas
In-field Review
  • IP tagging: The IP address for each respondent is captured and monitored to ensure authenticity
  • Time stamps: Time taken to complete the survey is monitored and respondents who take significantly less time than average to complete the survey are flagged
  • Cheater questions: Test questions are included in the survey to check the respondents’ level of engagement. Dummy attributes are included within batteries to prevent straight lining
  • Prompts: Error messages are displayed to prevent input errors. Common in-survey checks include answer-required fields, numeric fields, fixed-sum questions, etc.

Azure’s service ecosystem is characterized by top-of-the-line infrastructure, network and hosting hardware as well as a stringent data security set-up.

Physical Infrastructure
  • 3×3 ISP mesh
  • Power on demand
  • 7,000 server racks
  • 1,600 TB storage space
  • Rich media streaming
Network Infrastructure
  • 99.999% network uptime
  • High-end Blade servers
  • IIS, Unix, Linux web servers
  • RAID/SAN data storage
  • SUN certified engineers
Security Infrastructure
  • Level 3+ accreditation
  • Motion sensors
  • Biometric access
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Facility security officers

Survey Programming and Data Processing for a Management Consulting firm.


A US based management consulting firm required end-to-end project management support for large online consumer surveys being fielded across North America.

Client Requirements
  • The client was fielding multiple back-to-back online surveys, in the education and healthcare segment and required support in executing each project
  • Support was required for programming complex surveys in ConfirmIT that varied from project to project and included integration with Conjoint and MaxDiff modules in Sawtooth
  • The client also wanted post-data collection assistance with data cleaning, weighting and tabulation
Azure Solution
  • A four member team with expertise in survey programming on ConfirmIT and data processing in WinCross/SPSS worked with the client
  • The team ensured seamless delivery for every project by coordinating all activities – survey programming, fielding, data downloads, data cleaning and tabulation